San Pedro, NL, Mexico

March, 2014

An space for the family and another one for work, this were the two base requests for the project. Two concepts than can crash between them when they depelop at the same small space, home backyard.


The design solution generates two elevated objets at a second floor, they are facing each other, but relating between them. The first one is a solid volumen, away from the house, looking for a quiet area, with the idea of becoming and office, meeting room or relaxing room. A concrete monolite with sharpen edges that looks to the interior of the backyard.


The second is an steel structure, and extension of the house, wich works as a terrace protecting from the heavy sun of the region. This structure covered by a wooden skin, creates two spaces; one for the social meetings with access from the living room, and one more private on the top, accesing from the main bedrooms.