Asclipiou str. | Athens | Greece


This renovation has the goal of restoring an old apartment in Asclipiou street in the centre of Athens, and also to create an interior space that will satisfy the needs of its proprietor who has chosen to live alone. Hence, it was designed as an open space with the main living spaces unified. The only two isolated spaces of the apartment are the bedroom, which is in a closed lighted box of polycarbonate boards, and the bathroom, which is designed as a separate volume of bricks inside the living space. The majority of the materials are inexpensive and sustainable.  The conspicuous library in the living room which also has an embodied loft for office work is a sectional construction of steel sheets and wooden boards of OSB. One of the main concepts is that the apartment is divided in two, by an imaginary line, expressed with different flooring materials, which separates the space for study and tabletop gaming from the living room and kitchen. The whole place has an industrial character that expresses the style of proprietor and connotes the comfort of solitary life.